Presenting Malidelphia Studios, Dr. Djo Bi CD Release, and our first annual Zaouli Competition

Ini Che,
          What a blessed year!  Thank you for supporting Malidelphia and our concert last June.   I am excited to invite you to the opening of Malidelphia Studios.   Malidelphia studios have been a dream of mine for a long time.   Our space will serve as a community center for drum, dance and musical rehearsals, drum, mask, and costume repair, and a social club for artists, musicians, and cultural community members.
          Two years ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Banglofla in the Ivory Coast with my teacher Dr. Djo Bi to learn about secret mask traditions, Ivory Coast drum traditions and the beautiful Zaouli mask.  We traveled to Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast, and from there we drove to his village Banglofla.   I stayed there for about three weeks before traveling to Mali.   What an experience!!!   The beauty of village life is unbelievable.   Djo bi was a wonderful host, and every night we enjoyed the mask dances of the Ivory Coast.
          I have helped to organize a mini-tour of the east coast for my teacher Dr. Djo Bi.   We have a lot to celebrate.   He has just released his new CD ASSAFO, a remarkable work.   On October 27th at Malidelphia Studios, we will have one advance and one all-level drum class.   On Saturday, October 28th we will have another all level drum class, an advanced drum class, and a dance class.   Later that evening we will have a Zaouli Concert with several masks from the Ivory Coast present.
          Finally that night, we celebrate with an Afro Beat dance party and opening social to celebrate all our milestones.   We hope that you can help support us in any way that you can!  All tickets can be purchased on Ticketleap or purchased at the door.  Please read the flyers carefully for more information.
          What a huge weekend!  Please purchase your tickets as soon as you can!  Remember how we sold out before…   I am so excited.
Kanbe sooni,  (See you later)
Baba Ira

Click the black button for Dr. Djo Bi classes, the red button for the concert and the green button for the opening party.

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